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 Lol das EU Halloween Event

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BeitragThema: Lol das EU Halloween Event   Do Okt 27, 2011 8:25 am

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is here, and that means events! Starting today we will have our annual Halloween events, for the next three weeks - and there is something for everyone! I also hear rumours that [GM]Yul is planning something special for you, so keep checking the forum.

CABAL Lantern Invasion
Giant CABAL Lanterns have invaded Nevareth, and it is up to you to stop them. These massive pumpkins have been spotted everywhere in Nevareth, and they need to be hunted down and exterminated. Those brave enough to face these monsters will find the rewards well worth the effort, as the event items they drop can give you amazing rewards.

Halloween Ticket Collection
Hunt down the event mobs, and collect as many Halloween tickets as possible - NPC Yul is waiting in Green Despair ready to reward your efforts! Prizes to be won include Potions, Dungeon Entries, Costumes, and even the valuable Safeguards! The more tickets you collect the better your chances are!

Premium DX Collection
Enter into the Premium DX dungeons to collect the unique event items, and take them to NPC Yul in Green Despair for your chance to receive a Ring of Luck +2. If you are lucky you can even win a permanent Ring of Luck +2, with no duration! This ring is one of the most powerful ones you can wear, granting the wearer 15% increase to their Critical Rate. What are you waiting for?

Special Item Shop offers
This is the time of year to dress up, and our item shop has some incredible deals! Keep your eyes open for our special Magic Shop times to score amazing discounts on selected items.

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Lol das EU Halloween Event
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